Episom 12-04-06 07:24

What I ate just now. 12-01-06 04:08
I still can't get my scanner to work. It's reallying pissing me off.

So anyway. I was hungry. So made some Mac'N'Cheese.
Here were my options:
The regular kind.
White Cheddar.
Three cheese with shell shaped noodles.

I opted for the "Three cheese with shell shaped noodles." I'm pretty happy with the selection I made. I find that shell shaped noodles taste better than the regular kind.

I had a coke to go with it.

I was going to have some green tea, but what? Am I on a diet or something? No. I find coke tastes better than pepsi, it really doesn't matter, I'll usually just drink whatevers on tap.

Now get on with your life.
So I was signing out of myspace when something caught my eye:

I was very excited as you can well imagine. How often is it you get a chance to win two iPod nanos?

So I took a shot and failed, I thought I had lost it all. I knew there was a catch, I knew it. the game was next to impossable. I'm more perceptive than you're average myspace user and found out that you had to click the red button twice! Once to start the hockey player moving and a second time to shoot.


I won the game, nothing happended... But suddenly, I heard a noice.

Two iPod nanos materialized before my very eyes. I kept one and rapped the other one up to give to somebody for Christamas. Then I went back to what it was I was doing before. Sniffing dry erase markers.

Chipmunk drawing. 11-16-06 23:47
Drew a chipmunk, a week or so ago.

...Why not?
So.... 11-03-06 13:42
How do I change my avatar? Seemed obvious to me at first, but I guess I can't figure it out. Sorry, no faq section.
Wait, wait. Nevermind.
Straight up truth! 07-22-06 14:58
Freemasions run the country!
Beat it!